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Are Your Potential Customers Getting it?


We've all had the feeling of reading an informational book or document and getting to the end and not knowing anything about what we've just read...and maybe even starting to fall asleep over it!
Now take the position of one of your potential customers reading one of your web pages or watching one of your videos and having the same experience. Yikes! 
Mostly that "not getting it" feeling comes from not understanding something on the page or video.  So whenever I'm working on a video I always stop, step back for a moment and take the viewpoint of the viewer.  Pretend you're a potential customer and know nothing about your company's product or service.  And then just watch as an audience member.
What do you see or hear?  
Are there terms that people outside of your office or industry wouldn't understand?  Sometimes we're so fluent in the nomenclature of our particular field that we throw those terms around without even thinking about who might be listening.
It may make you sound knowledgeable in your field but that could be the very thing that turns off a potential customer who is new to your field.
However, defining what you're talking about or what your service actually does is a great way to educate your public and thus elevate your status as someone who can help the viewer understand and navigate the ins and outs of your industry.
Don't be too hard on yourself, just take a good objective look at what you're putting out there and make sure the general public can understand it.
These are some simple tips to get you on your way.  The hard part is just jumping in and doing the first video!  So go get 'em!  I'd love to hear from you as to how it's going so drop me a line.
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