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An award winning film and video production company.


In addition to our fully produced video products we also provide itemized services on a per quote basis.


Sometimes you need a director to put all the pieces together and guide the shoot toward a common goal. Generally when your project deals with more than a few interviews and is bigger is scope you'll need a director to keep the look and feel consistent.


If you already have footage and just need it put together in a meaningful way, we can help you with that. The editor is often the most valuable and under appreciated person on the team. It was said by one client that "you guys can make silk out of a sows ear!" We appreciate the compliment!

Motion Graphics

When you need a title sequence or a lower third (which is usually the name and title of the person on screen in an appealing text/graphical way) or you want to illustrate something with graphics, you would use motion graphics.

Green Screen

In addition to shooting interviews on green screen we can do the compositing for you as well. Compositing is the process of removing the green background and replacing it with the background of your choosing. Sounds simple but there is a technique to it to get the best results so it doesn't 'look' like green screen.

Colorist (Color Grading)

Color grading is the process of altering and enhancing the color of a motion picture or video image.

Color conveys meaning and is a fundamental element of design and visual storytelling. In the world of film and video, color grading is an art form all its own.

The profession is sometimes referred to as color timing in reference to the amount of time the film would stay in the processing chemicals. Different amounts of ‘time’ resulted in different color.


We'll come out and shoot your interviews, products or facility for you and you can take it from there. We have an experienced team ready to make you look good.

DVD/Blu-ray Authoring

While DVDs are fading away and Blu-ray hasn't really made it's mark yet there are some that still need and use these mediums. We can author standard definition DVDs as well as high definition blu-rays DVDs

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